When someone buys a new home or office or think of refurbishment, their first priority is to make that place look attractive. The designing task includes several stages from inception to completion. The professionals at top interior design companies Dubai follow these stages strictly and are excellent at turning your dreams into reality. Below are the key stages of the interior designing project: Programming: This stage entails gathering the client’s brief which includes his requirements, budget and time frame for the project. After understanding the brief, they conduct researches, surveys, and frequent site visits to analyze every area’s purpose, its functional aspects and the spatial requirement to meet the client’s expectations. Developing the concept: In this stage, the ideas are[…]

A healthy body is a dream of many people, especially those who are obese. Medical professionals often suggest and emphasize a healthy and balanced diet as well as physical exercise as a key to maintain a healthy weight.

However, a new study suggests that a weight loss surgery Dubai or bariatric surgery is quite effective for losing weight when compared to conventional weight loss methods or even non-surgical methods, including gastric balloon, etc. the same study also suggested that bariatric surgery also increased reduction rates in type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.