The PVC pipes have gained an immense popularity from household to construction use. Being a lightweight material it is used widely in the world. It is durable, cheap and very easy to assemble which is the reason behind its high demand in the marketplace. If you are planning for any of the construction work then you will find a variety of suppliers of different pipes such as PVC pipes, PEX and PPR pipes in UAE. Do some groundwork and reach for the best one.

Bonn Group of Industries

There is also a huge demand for PPR pipes in UAE. As it is an economic hub and these pipes and fitting are widely put in industrial and construction use. Out of the many options, PVC pipes are one such option that can be used in many areas. Let’s get acquainted with them

  • The PVC pipes are made with plastic and vinyl combination having a long life and durability. These pipes are hard to damage and do not rust easily or wear over time.
  • Having these many features they are commonly used in water systems, underground wiring, irrigation and many more areas. These prove to be reliable and affordable for water piping.
  • These can’t get easily contaminated as they are resistant to bacteria due to their smooth surface. One can undoubtedly rely on them.
  • These are used for many more purposes like the pool toy frames, playgrounds, greenhouses, furniture etc. PVC pipes are used in making windows and door frames as well.

The PVC pipes can be distributed into mainly 3 categories.

  1. PVC water pipes: When used for carrying water in water treatment plants at homes and businesses the bigger PVC water pipes are used. While for supplying water in showers, sinks and other fixtures smaller PVC pipes are put to use.
  2. PVC plumbing pipes: These types of pipes are used to transport high pressured water. These are used specifically for some of the plumbing purposes.
  3. PVC sewer pipes: These pipes are placed inside the containment pipes to protect the leakage. So, until there is a breakage or gap in the outer containment wall, there are fewer chances of leakage.

For the best PVC pipes, you can reach out to Bonn group of Industries. They are the best manufacturer and suppliers of pipes and fitting in UAE.