One of the most important things to consider when decorating your kids’ room is the furniture. Joinery companies and turnkey interiors in Dubai offer an excellent range of furniture options for kids’ rooms. When planning furniture, you should always have storage as top priority.

Children grow faster than we realize and one of the troubles we face as they grow up is storage. From their play items to clothes and study items. Here are some ways to the right storage for your kids’ room –

  1. Systematic layout: This is the best option when you have more than one kids sharing the room. This layout will let the kids have their own storage space so they can put their clothes and toys. You may also add shelves and drawers to the closet for more space.
  2. Open shelves: You can go for a mix and match layout with open shelves and drawers and open space where the clothes can be hanged. You can separate it by creating different compartments.
  3. Flexible layout: This is apt for a bedroom which has a walk-in closet. You could opt for a wire-organizer so the kids will be able to re-arrange the closet whenever they wish to.
  4. Practical layout: This is the best layout for small rooms. The walk-in closet of the room can be made into a private space by adding bi-foldable doors which can be decorated using patterned fabric.