There are a lot of people who buy sunglasses from big brands like Prada, Gucci, CK, and Ray Ban online in UAE. The reasons why they choose to buy them online are the verities and also the huge discounts offered. However, to be able to able to make the right choice when buying sunglasses online, the buyer needs to know a few details, especially about the lens used in them.

One of the most important things to know when purchasing sunglasses online is to know about the glass type. Here are the most popular types of sunglass lens used –

Rayban Sunglass in Dubai

Polarized lens: These are very popular lens type and it is also one of the most recommended type. Invented by Edward. H  Land in 1936, the lens use polarized technology to neutralize the glare of view/image that is being viewed. They are great for people who like being outdoors as they shield the eyes from harsh glare.

Blue-blockers: These lenses block blue light and they usually are amber. There are quite a number of studies that state that blue light is harmful for the eyes and could increase risk of eye damage. Therefore, many people go for the blue-blockers. These lenses are popularly used by hunters, skiers, boaters and pilots and are used to heighten contrast.

Mirror-coated lenses: Another popular option to cut glare is through mirror-coated lenses. These lenses limit the amount of light that enters the eyes. In these lenses, a mirror coating is applied in front of the glasses. They cut the glare and thus they are quite beneficial for outdoor activities during summers.

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