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Almost everyone has an idea of how strict the criminal law in Dubai, the region follows the Muslim Laws which have absolutely no tolerance for criminal offences. People who visit or immigrate to Dubai will have to know in detail about the criminal laws so they don’t commit an offence.

There are certain things one should know before landing in Dubai. There are a certain dos and don’ts when planning to stay in Dubai. One should be aware of the basic civil and criminal law in Dubai.



Here are a few things that one should and shouldn’t do in Dubai –

  • If visiting Dubai during the Ramadan season, tourists get to have a very unique experience. During this festive season, one is not allowed to eat food in the public as Muslims fast through the month. However, international hotels serve meals to international guests in screened areas.
  • Muslims pray five times a day and public music is turned off during the prayer as a mark of respect. Muslim workers like drivers, will take a break for prayer. Tourists need to respect this fact and give them the time required.
  • Respecting Islamic values are important in the UAE. Visitors and immigrants will have to respect religious beliefs or practices or they may be heavy fined or imprisonment. One cannot preach other religion (other than Islam) in UAE.
  • One can’t work in Dubai without having a visa. Working without a work visa is illegal. Such people are not allowed to partake in paid employment. When caught, such people will be imprisoned.
  • Using offensive language, aggressive behavior, indecent gestures, spitting in public places is not allowed.

Following the laws is very important in Dubai or any other region in UAE. If you seek legal help in Dubai and are looking for the best firm, contact SM Law Firm.