There is a lot of demand for fit out companies in Dubai. These companies cater to different sets of companies and industries to provide them with the most innovative designs.

According to companies like Subgate Interiors which offer the best fit out options in Dubai, it is a little difficult to design interiors for hospitals and clinics. They say that one needs to be extremely cautious when designing a hospital or a clinic.


Here are a few tips for designing hospitals and clinics –

  1. Choose subtle colors: This is a very important thing to keep in mind when designing a hospital. The whole surrounding should be subtle and pleasant and hence, it is important to choose light colors. However, children hospitals need to be bright and attractive. You can also have a small play area to keep the children entertained.
  2. Good ventilation is a must: Another important thing to remember is that the place should have good ventilation with ample light and air circulation. The place should have big windows and light colored furnishings which will make the space feel bigger. Opt for warmer lights for enhanced ventilation and ambience.
  3. When designing a hospital, think about the patients coming in. They will not only need a good room and bedding to sit in, it should also be convenient for the patients to come it. See that the place is completely wheelchair accessible, and has a convenient pathway for the stretchers.
  4. Plan to have a spacious operation theater that accommodates all the necessary technology and medical appliances required for the procedures.
  5. See to it that the rooms don’t feel suffocated. Plan for proper ventilation.

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