Forming an offshore company requires a country that has low taxes or even no tax at all. Secondly, the country should be the other country than your hometown. There are many businesses who take interest in offshore company registration in Dubai. As it provides much-needed security and services to operate a company efficiently it has become a popular destination for offshore company formation.

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  • Decide the company’s name: You have to decide the three names of a company out of which the registration authorities will finalize one. The company name must end with “Ltd” and refrain from the business activities like banking, insurance, and reinsurance.
  • Decide with the capital: There is no limit for capital investment in business when opting for an offshore company.
  • Decide the shareholders, Directors, and Secretary: Minimum one shareholder and two directors are needed for offshore company registration in Dubai.
  • Documents: You will require the following documents for proceeding further.
  1. Notarized passport copies of directors and shareholders
  2. Address proof- telephone bill or utility bill of recent 3 months
  3. Shareholders brief resume
  4. Reference letter from bank
  • Application set and its submission: Application set includes the above documents along with Memorandum of Association (MoA) and share certificate signed by shareholders, Directors, and Secretaries. These are then submitted for registration. When you get registered, you receive a Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association and Share Certificate.
  • Opening Bank account: Finally you can involve in business dealings after opening a bank account. For this you will need your passport copy, bank statement of past 6 months and bank form. Get the form stamped and certified by the bank. You are all set to proceed.

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