What is/are the differences between VPS and Cloud hosting services? There are a lot of people who ask this question! Well, the question is quite legitimate! The environment of both the hosting services are exactly the same. Another important point to note is that a Cloud server can be called as a VPS server but the VPS can’t be called a cloud server.

According to the best Dubai web hosting company, there are four key differences between these two. Read on to know about them –

1.Infrastructure: VPS hosting involves partitioning of one dedicated server into multiple servers. The partitions are then virtualized so they work as dedicated servers. In Cloud hosting, a portion of the network is rented.
2. Availability: The biggest minus of VPS hosting is that it that the whole system goes down even if one machine or part of it fails. This doesn’t happen in a Cloud server. In this system, if one machine part fails, then the whole system is routed to another.
3. Choice of Operating system: VPS offers a single operating System, depending on virtualization method used. However, Cloud systems provide an option to choose the operating system. It is also pretty fast in a Cloud.
4. Resource distribution: While you are separated from others in a Cloud environment, VPS gives you a virtual environment that is partitioned into space and bandwidth. This means that the Cloud provides dedicated resources. Though not dedicated, the CPU and memory is equally distributed among all the slices in VPS. In a cloud, the client is completely isolated and provides greater security than VPS hosting.
Now that you are aware of the differences between the two, it is totally your choice to select what you want. If you have started a new online business in Dubai and looking for a web hosting company, then contact CloudHoster.

4. Boost your business with help of Web hosting in Dubai
People usually think a proper website is the only thing they need to start an online business! well that is true up to a certain level. However, a website alone cannot do the trick! The business owner will also have to hire hosting services so the website becomes visible on the web! Companies that offer web hostingyour first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!