Selecting frames for your glasses is seemingly a daunting task. But it can be made easy within a few easy ways. Most of the Contact lenses Dubai retailers are backed by a good customer care service that will help you in making the most appropriate choice. However here in this article we shall be providing a few easy tips that will help you to determine which frames would best flatter your face and show off your style and personality. Take a look.

Tip 1: Identify your face shape

The secret to finding a perfect frame is to look for one that best suits your face shape. In order to know the shape of your face, shape, trace your face on a mirror with a marker. On estimating the shape of your face, select a frame that compliments your face and balance your look. For an oval face any type of frame would suit. For a heart shaped face, round frames will balance the small chin.

Tip 2: Choose the frame color that complements your skin tone

Select the frame color that coincides with your skin tone. For a cool-colored skin tone, select shades of black, gray, and blue. For warm skin tone you can pick tan, pink, and red. As always, when you learn how to select frames, it is easy to know which colors suit your skin. 

Tip 3: Consider your lifestyle

Since each of us has a different way of living, therefore contemplating your lifestyle before selecting your frame is a must. For a labor-intensive industry, like construction, you’ll want durable frame that stay in place during daily activities. If you just want it for a business meeting, you can pick stylish frames with a variety of angles. In case you need sunglasses for the beach, you can choose soft, colorful frames that will complement your relaxed vibe. 

Tip 4: Look for comfort and personal style

Let your frames show off who you are. You should never forget your personal style while selecting a frame. Make sure that the frame you choose are also comfortable for you when wearing or else even if you choose a perfect shape, color, or pattern of the frame it would mean nothing.

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