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There are a lot of people who go gaga about Gucci in UAE. Well, the brand is definitely a winner with so many unique styles. It still ensures that there is no compromise in the quality. However, not all people are fully aware of the brand.

Here are 10 interesting facts about the brand that help in getting to know it better –

  1. The company was found in 1921 in Italy by Guccio Gucci.
  2. The letter G in Gucci logo is the name of the brand’s founder Guccio Gucci.
  3. Guccio Gucci died in the year 1953. He managed the brand personally until his death.
  4. The double G logo of the company was designed in 1960 in the memory of Guccio Gucci.
  5. Even though Gucci was found in Italy, the company’s designs were actually curated according to the tastes and needs of people in London and England.
  6. Gucci had several popular people as its creative directors including Tom Ford, Frida Gianinni, and Alesandro Michele. It is because of them that the brand has reached the top.
  7. During the late 90s, Gucci came up with a jeans collection called the “Genius Jeans”. The collection turned out to be the most expensive jeans in the world. The jeans in the model were torn and had African beads embroidered. The jeans also entered the Guinness World Records.
  8. The famous rapper 2 Chainz expressed his love towards the brand and said: “         Bury me in Gucci when I die”.
  9. Elezibeth Taylor used the brand’s famous Hobo Bag.
  10. Gucci came up with Flora – the first printed scarf – on request of the Moroccan Princess Grace Kelly.