Orthopaedic ailments are on the rise at clinics in Dubai, due to the stresses of the modern lifestyle, poor food habits and lack of physical activity. These health ailments also cause the wear and tear of joints. Initially, these are treated with physiotherapy or muscle relaxant drugs, but is the damage is severe, an orthopaedic surgery becomes necessary.

If you are planning to undergo any orthopaedic surgical procedure, make sure that you have chosen the right orthopaedic surgeon to get the job done. Choosing a well experienced and skilled orthopaedic surgeon is important for a successful treatment and a faster recovery. Below are listed some points to help you find a best orthopaedic surgeon: 

Research online about the best orthopaedic surgeon in the town. Review their experience, skill, educational background, medical degree, and training. 

You can take help of your regular physician for the best orthopaedic surgeons, who have specialised in the particular area you require. 

When ready with a list of best surgeons, consult them. Discuss with them your problem and ask them various questions like the number of surgeries they perform annually or how they deal with the complicated cases. Also, inquire about the surgery cost and if it is covered within your insurance.

Ask about the expected period of recovery in case of a normal recovery as well as in case any complications arise. Enquire about the physiotherapy requirements after surgery. If yes, ask whether a physiotherapist will be made available to you from the hospital.

Don’t go with the first orthopaedic surgeon you come across or consulted with. Always take a few more opinions from other orthopaedic surgeons, before you make a final choice.